What's Your Good Story?


We believe that every brand, and every person for that matter, has a story to tell. And not just any story, but a good story. Good stories are thoughtful, memorable, and real … and we believe that good stories need to be shared.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story, one that elicits a memory or a feeling? When someone shares a true story that involves a business it can create a connection. As a business owner, forming the right connection involves sharing with the public. Telling your stories in visually and engaging ways with video is what is needed for a business to connect with audiences, engage at deeper levels, pull at heartstrings, and positively impact the bottom line.

Do you have a mission that matters? Do you positively impact your community? Do you deliver a memorable customer experience and want more people to know about it? Do you have a unique position in your market? Are you forming a legacy or is your business steep in tradition? If more people knew your story of greatness would that help your business thrive? Would it help you hire? Would it form the foundation for your legacy? If yes to any of these, then Good Days Media can help share your brand story.

We work with big companies and the mightiest of small businesses and look forward to collaborating with you.

What's your good story?


Glenn Cauthren

- Owner, Chimney Rock Inn

"This was my first experience making a video and the process with Good Days Media was fantastic from start to finish. They really showcased the benefits of staying at the Chimney Rock Inn and the video will really help our business stand out in the marketplace."


Your Good Story

Tell prospective customers your good story and blow past the competition.

Stories Matter

Video Business Cards

Tell the stories of your amazing employees with likable mini-bios. 

Total Retail Experience Exposed

We’ll secret shop your business and provide an unbiased picture of what it’s like to interact with your company.

Real Estate Promotion Package

We put the buyer as close to seeing the property as possible without actually being there.

Home for Sale

Customer Experience Package - Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility, trust, and converting leads.

A Life Well Lived - A Life Appreciated

When a video accompanies a ceremony interest peaks. Portray the honoree with a documented story.

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