We want people to know about you, to engage with you and ultimately to buy from you. The more people the better.

Proper storytelling is what we do. We produce your good story in a way that will connect you to them. It seems so easy, but the fact is 95% of your clients don’t know your good story. We help change that.

People buy from who they like, showing the world what makes you better, more knowledgeable and well, likable. That’s what we do.

Look below at the various services we provide and let’s have a conversation that revolves around you, your brand and what matters most- connecting with customers through your good story.

Dave and Lisa, Your Good Days Media team


Your Good Story

Stories Matter

Tell prospective customers your good story and blow past the competition.

If prospective customers knew something about you, your staff,  the reasons why you began a business or what you do that separates you from your competition would that make a difference?

We provide that link between your good story and the public’s eyes and ears. We advise on your videos placement to maximize exposure for incredible market saturation across several channels.

Every business today must try to distance itself from the pack. Our Good Story package can be one video or a series of spaced video that will keep your brand in their sites, now and in the future.

Video Business Cards

Video Business Card

Tell the stories of your amazing employees with likable mini-bios.

A sub-2-minute “mini-bio” that accentuates each employee’s positive qualities and creates familiarity and trust with your clients. Focused on the employee, in their own environment, spotlighting their interests and what makes them trustworthy, likable, and better than your competitor who only has a paper business card. The old adage still holds true People buy from who they like, our Video Business Card will make this happen.

Have an employee with a special story that you wish was known by the community?  Your brand logo and all needed contact information will be clearly shown along with a QR code at the end that links back to your website or other helpful location.

Total Retail Experience Exposed (TREE)

We're Awesome - TREE = Total Retail Experience Exposed

We’ll secret shop your business and provide an unbiased picture of what it’s like to interact with your company.

We film it all, dive into what your platforms say and secret shop your business not once but multiple times over a given period. We correspond with your business with credible content that should elicit a response via  email or return phone call.

Most owners and managers assume that if a client, customer or patient doesn’t complain they must have had a good experience while engaging with your business.

We provide an unbiased picture of what it’s like to interact with your company. This information will provide critical information that can be used.

Real Estate Promotion Package (REPP)

Home for Sale

We put the buyer as close to seeing the property as possible without actually being there.

In an area as popular as Western North Carolina, many prospective buyers view a property from afar on their computer before ever visiting. In this case a credible video will aid in their decision to commit to an in-person visit. The right video can often make an initial deposit a reality without the client even seeing the property in person.

Our realtor package is an amazing tool that will immerse the viewer in the “feeling” of the property, forget the “slideshow” effect. Imagine a short film created around the property that simply makes it the star of the show with maps, fun facts, 360 scenes, drone footage and more creative touches.

Customer Experience Package - Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonial Package

Client testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility, trust, and converting leads.

Boost your brand image and improve your bottom line with our Customer Experience package. Customer testimonials work like word-of-mouth and have a significant impact on brand perception and sales growth. Through testimonials, let your customers tell the positive stories your audience wants to hear.

We will prepare engaging interview questions, interview your top customers and provide you with videos showing your success with previous customers. This is marketing gold.

A Life Well Lived - A Life Appreciated

Life Well Lived

When a video accompanies a ceremony interest peaks. Portray the honoree with a documented story.

Dim the lights and cue the movie. Our purpose here is simple, portray the honoree with a well prepared and documented story that encompasses their life, career or significant achievement.

Ideal placement:

  • Retirement parties 
  • Significant work achievement for an individual or group
  • Big anniversaries
  • Special occasions
  • Funerals